My children took these photos of me this afternoon. While I was laying there in the park looking at the trees I was trying to find some peace. Trying to make peace really with my reality, which currently is making me sad & overwhelmed. ⁣

Whenever I feel like this; anxiety increasing, sadness hanging over my head & just general feelings of “not coping”; I usually try to switch off. Reset. And give myself time, space & kindness. ⁣

I don’t know if it’s my one year dialysis anniversary looming, this bloody full moon or just a phase but I know I need time. Time to collect my thoughts, time to write & time to treat myself with kindness. ⁣

I need to slow down. Remove the digital world & just sink into me. Find gratitude & happiness in the everyday. I need to simplify. So if I’ve disappeared for a week or so on here I’m just unplugging, grounded my feet into the sweet earth & trying to treat myself to kindness. ⁣

Thank you to everyone for all the love. As always your support means the world to me. ✨ Emmy Xx

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