Anxious Avocados

Last night I had a mini anxiety attack over packing avocados for our weekend away. I mean like all true anxiety attacks it’s never actually about the avocados is it? But packing avocados certainly set it off. Now I say mini because I was able to come out of it quicker than normal & remind myself that I am not my anxiety. But like all anxiety attacks I have woken up with that shattered, hungover, vulnerable feeling. ⁣

Thankfully I’m here at the beach; with the salty sea breeze smacking me back into reality. ⁣

Last night was a good reminder for me however that despite not having an anxiety attack for ages and despite feeling on top of it all… That anxiety can creep up on you! I should have realised that actually it was creeping up on me because my OCD this past week was a bit out of control; a true sign that things are starting to unravel for me… ⁣

Having suffered from anxiety on & off for basically my entire life you would think I would be an expert at reading the signs by now… But that’s the thing with anxiety it really can be a bit of a mother ducker 🙄 ⁣

Time to reset, soak in the sunshine & let the sea do it’s magic healing trick! ⁣

I used to get worried that my anxiety was negative, however I’ve realised I’m just showing my children that it is ok to experience a wide range of feelings & emotions. I’m hoping that they realise we are all capable of an array of feelings & that our feelings don’t own us. And also that it is ok to have anxiety not something that should be ignore or not talked about. I want them to know that we experience a feeling, we acknowledge it & then we treat ourselves with kindness. ⁣

Go gently my friends. May your weekend be glorious ✨ Emmy Xx ⁣

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