‘It’s a breakfast snack’

‘It’s a breakfast snack,’ remarked my dear friend as our brunch was plodded down in front of us. We had ventured into a new cafe, The Burrow.

A recently converted Turkish restaurant turned West End brunch joint.  Wooden tables etched out of giant tree trunks majestically filled the space and exposed timber beams gave a true sense of rustic warmth.  Another Saturday in Brisbane, sunshine and espressos. I am one to always be impressed when the cost of an espresso is significantly less than that of a latte or cappuccino. 30 ml of coffee sans milk…why should it be the same price? So at $2.5 I was pleasantly surprised. I was also impressed by the $7 turkish toast with smashed avocado salsa. Less than $10 for brunch and great company equals a win.

The Burrow serves a fine blend of coffee, 100% organic and fair trade.  Both the espresso and soy flat white looked perfection and would suitably pass for service in our southern states. In fairness to The Burrow my espresso was complex, rich and developed. However, I should have seen the warning signs when the counter staff advised us of a long wait times for any food orders.

Can I ask what do you expect when you order the staple avocado on toast?

What appeared on our plates in terms of size was something you would think to find in a fine dining. If this size appeared in the bedroom, ladies you would be disappointed. Two slim turkish fingers, a thin layer of avocado with small chunks of spanish onion. Smashed avocado salsa? What amused us even more was the knife and fork that accompanied our meals. This breakfast snack could have been consumed in three bites, maybe four; it certainly did not require the use of cutlery.

This is not a cost issue, I would happily pay more for the humble avocado on toast. This is a case of size. In life bigger is not  necessarily better. However; when you are out for brunch, the meal which should leave you full until the early afternoon I do think wholesome is what people look for.  Whilst we mused of the hilarity of our breakfast snack, we noticed the falsity in The Burrow. Big white plates to suggest grand meals and those exposed low timber beams…add ons to an ordinary plastered ceiling, just another illusion.

Unless you forgot to reserve for 10:30am at The Gunshop Cafe or are in fact searching for a ‘breakfast snack’ I wouldn’t rush to hop, skip or jump into The Burrow.

The company on the other hand was delectable, as per usual.

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