Project Bed Rest

Today marked Day Two in project bed rest. Whilst I didn’t manage to get my french books out, create a pilates studio or craft a quilt I certainty did maintain a sense of relaxation and calm.  I was very proud of myself. I ignored the desire to re-organise the pantry and the dreaded tupperware draw; which actually contains more pyeex and decor containers. But you can’t call it a decor draw? It is a tupperware draw!

And although I had a beautiful friend dropping by to keep me company, I even ignored my natural ‘I must create the perfect morning tea persona’ and didn’t even bake anything. Shock. Horror. Them be the doctors orders to rest.

What took me by surprise is that I didn’t find the need to apologise for not baking a yummy morning tea treat. There was no shame in the fact that actually I needed to take it easy. Actually I was very open, vulnerable and calm about doing nothing. I found myself being able to talk about my need to look after my body and rest. Our conversation today started to look at comparing; comparing oneself of others and then enviable the thoughts of am I good enough creep in.  It made me think that so often when we are in big groups of people catching up, it is very hard to actually talk, to actually share our thoughts. Today I was able to share a beautiful morning with ANZAC biscuits and a pot of tea. More than that, I was able to talk about all my hopes, excitements and fears and listen to those of an old friend.

To make my day even more magical, I received an email from my beautiful friend advising me of my task for today.

Task Two: Read Why Showing Vulnerability is a Good Thing by Jessica Ainscough and watch TEDtalk by Brené Brown:  The power of vulnerability. 

I had in fact already seen this TEDtalk, but I couldn’t believe how serendipitous it was that todays task was based on vulnerability. That is how I had been feeling!

Brené said the definition of courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart and have the courage to be imperfect.

So here is my courage tell a story.  A story about a bump and the everyday musings of a mum to be as commences project bed rest.

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