Here is the face of a fighter, a warrior, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife & a friend. I’ve literally just picked myself up off the bedroom floor. Had my Elizabeth-Gilbert-in-Eat-Pray-Love-sobbing-and-praying-on-the-floor-moment. Praying to God, actually to all the Gods, any God that would listen; knowing that actually that’s not how God works. PleaseContinue reading “Pre-surgery-can’t-sleep-musings.”

Update from a Mrs

It has been quite some time, two months exactly since my last post. In the past two months I have become addicted  to Aaron Sorkin’s fast paced ‘Newsroom’ and I have poured over many healthy lifestyle blogs. Most notable is my changed status from engaged to ‘Just Married’. Future hubby is now ‘husband’. Future wife isContinue reading “Update from a Mrs”