I’ve been really open with my current struggle about ‘no more babies’. My battle between feeling incredible selfish that ‘wait Em, you already have two beautiful children think of how lucky you are’ vs the notion that there would be more babies. Dealing with the mourning period of no more babies; but more than that;Continue reading “GIRL “

Anything goes banana & oat cookies

Breathe. It takes a seriously Miyagi (karate kid reference for those confused) controlled level of patience to cook with a toddler. But once you get past the fact that there will be mess and it might not be perfect, it’s an amazing way to involve your little one in the kitchen. Cooking with your littleContinue reading “Anything goes banana & oat cookies”

Sunday Mama Musings

Sometimes it is easy to forgot all the little ‘dates’ I had with Oliver when it was just me and him. Twenty months of just us dates. Park dates. Yoga dates. Pilates dates. Mumfit dates. Swimming dates? Oh and my favourite – Coffee dates. It’s easy to forget the ease at which popping out wasContinue reading “Sunday Mama Musings”

Cuddles will always trump cleaning

If I am being honest I’ve never loved cleaning. Just ask my mother.  Or my husband. Growing up I had a book titled “how to clean your room”. The book’s main piece of advice was to make your bed and put everything that was out of place on the bed and then put it away from said bed.Continue reading “Cuddles will always trump cleaning”

Seriously Easy Pumpkin Muffins

  Pumpkin Muffins are inspired by Emma Galloway from @mydarlinglemonthye. These seriously easy and ‘nom nom’ pumpkin muffins were devoured by my toddler this morning. He couldn’t keep his paws off them! Neither could his tiger, giraffe, elephant and horse who were spotted eating the crumbs post tea party. [I couldn’t make that up if I tried].Continue reading “Seriously Easy Pumpkin Muffins”

Milk is Milk

I adore this photo of Isla breastfeeding. To me it is precious. A moment in time captured that I will always remember. When the human body works isn’t it amazing? It is heartbreaking and emotionally something I am not ready to deal with knowing that in the past few weeks Isla hasn’t put on any weight.Continue reading “Milk is Milk”

So here is my story about another bump. And a toddler.

I’ve found writing and blogging to be nearly impossibly since the arrival of Oliver. It is not that I don’t have time to myself or that I don’t allow myself time to write. I certainly do and I am proud of the balance I have achieved. I take time out to listen to the rainContinue reading “So here is my story about another bump. And a toddler.”