My Little Paris Kitchen

My time living in Paris seems like a distance souvenir. Living in suburban Brisbane is the polar opposite to the culinary oasis of Paris. However, tonight with the help of one beautiful bridesmaid and a stunning English cook Rachel Khoo I was able to remember why I feel so deeply in love with Paris. Rachel Khoo’s cooking show The LittleContinue reading “My Little Paris Kitchen”

Oops & Oeufs

I have a lot of thanks for Nora Ephron. Not only was Sleepless in Seattle a major catalyst for the spontaneous start of my pre-marriage bliss, but her 2009 film Julie & Julia still continues to inspire. Julie & Julia = food, Paris, food, blogging, food, New York City & more food! What else couldContinue reading “Oops & Oeufs”

The 4pm Dinner

This afternoon I attempted to make a late lunch/early dinner. To my knowledge there is no brunch equivalent of combining these two meals. Dunch or Linner is not appealing. Even linguistically challenged people like myself can recognise that these are not words that will take off. So, to the outside world it would appear thatContinue reading “The 4pm Dinner”

‘It’s a breakfast snack’

‘It’s a breakfast snack,’ remarked my dear friend as our brunch was plodded down in front of us. We had ventured into a new cafe, The Burrow. A recently converted Turkish restaurant turned West End brunch joint.  Wooden tables etched out of giant tree trunks majestically filled the space and exposed timber beams gave a trueContinue reading “‘It’s a breakfast snack’”


Last Friday night I found myself in a delightful restaurant Azafran, a hidden gem in Brisbane. Having persuaded the menu online prior to arrival I was immediately transported back to my time living in Paris. The menu was delicate, simple and inspired. For starters… ‘Seared Scallops, shaved maple pork, Fennel puree pickled Samphire’. Samphire for the noviceContinue reading “WOW + OH”