Thanks for stopping by. I’m Emmy. Wife. Mother. Storyteller. Photographer.

I’m a thirty-something-mother-of-two, slowing down + searching for simplicity.

I feel my most creative + happy self when I am behind the camera.

I have recently had a kidney transplant + I’m getting stronger everyday.

In my spare time I’m love working out at F45 + training for a sprint triathlons.

I’m a freelance photographer & digital content creator and have been featured on In Queensland,  Mums of Brisbane, Mamamia, Brisbane Threads, Work.Life.MamaBlack Sheep Coffee, + my personal Instagram @the.oneills.

Somedays I want diamonds + the other days chickens. The struggle is real. Becoming a mother has been rewarding, exhausting, incredible, terrifying and something I have wanted for as long as I can remember. It has been the steepest of all learning curves and certainly required a ‘just jump don’t look’ mentality. Time goes so fast and I want to remember the everyday & little moments with my babes.

The past couple of years I was in kidney failure + on dialysis while I waited for a kidney transplant. It was a massive learning curve to realise that I need to slow down + listen to my body. I’m all about slow + mindful days searching for moments of stillness, creativity + play. I’ve spent the two year increasing my fitness and strength + in 2021 my goal is complete a sprint triathlon!

Over the years I’m learning to find the joy in the everyday moments.

These are my learnings, my musings and my memories. This is my everyday.