Thanks for stopping by. I’m Emmy. Wife. Mother. Storyteller. Photographer.

I’m a thirty-something-mother-of-two, slowing down + searching for simplicity.

I feel my most creative + happy self when I am behind the camera.

I have recently had a kidney transplant + I’m getting stronger everyday.

In my spare time I’m love working out at F45 + training for a sprint triathlons.

A candid moment, where time stops and the love between you and your babies is captured. After countless selfies with my own children, I realised when I looked through all our family photos that what was missing was photos of me with my children. Not posed smiling photos, not selfies, but the real moments, the little interactions between.  These sessions have been created so you can cherish all those little in-between moments with your family.

Real moments, real families, real memories.

I’m a freelance photographer & digital content creator and have been featured on In Queensland,  Mums of Brisbane, Mamamia, Brisbane Threads, Work.Life.MamaBlack Sheep Coffee, + my personal Instagram @the.oneills.

Somedays I want diamonds + the other days chickens. The struggle is real. Becoming a mother has been rewarding, exhausting, incredible, terrifying and something I have wanted for as long as I can remember. It has been the steepest of all learning curves and certainly required a ‘just jump don’t look’ mentality. Time goes so fast and I want to remember the everyday & little moments with my babes.

The past couple of years I was in kidney failure + on dialysis while I waited for a kidney transplant. It was a massive learning curve to realise that I need to slow down + listen to my body. I’m all about slow + mindful days searching for moments of stillness, creativity + play. I’ve spent the two year increasing my fitness and strength + in 2021 my goal is complete a sprint triathlon!

Over the years I’m learning to find the joy in the everyday moments.

These are my learnings, my musings and my memories. This is my everyday.

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