I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved over the past year. I’m the strongest version of my self & I love that! Despite being in kidney failure & on dialysis I’ve managed to improve my fitness, my strength & my emotion wellbeing. 🙏🏻💪🏼⁣

But over the last few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve reached a bit of a plateau with my weight loss journey. I’m not seeing much movement on the scales or with the tape measure. I’ve found the motivation to “track” food has decreased as it was a bit all too consuming. So instead I’ve been focusing on consuming nourishing foods with protein, leafy greens & healthy fats. I’ve also enjoyed foods which are less nourishing but incredibly satisfying! It’s all about balance. ⁣

In saying all of that I still have five additional kilos I would like to lose… And I know it’s not all about the kilos; but still I would like to lose them!! I also know that apparently the last five kilos is the hardest to lose. ⁣

So I’ve been thinking a lot about losing the last five kilos” & I think one of the reasons it’s the hardest is because of self sabotage! Because so often we don’t let ourselves be happy… But the thing is I am happy at the weight I am now. Heck I was happy at the weight I was when I was ten kilos heavier… Ultimately it’s not about the weight on the scales it’s about moving & feeling fabulous. I do however want to get to a certain weight so I can officially be a healthy BMI (even though I know BMI is bullshit)! So many contradictions 🙈🙈🙈 ⁣

Anyway I guess my point of this ramble is that I’m going to continue on my path the wellness. Taking the great privilege of life day by day! Being gentle with myself & allowing kindness to always be a the forefront of everything I do. Kindness to others & kindness to self! I used to exercise as a form of punishment to get skinny. Now exercise brings me happy-dancing-levels-of-joy & I do it to get strong! ⁣

What’s your relationship with exercise like? Emmy Xx P.S photo from my shoot with @zarc_clothing Thank you to Jac @jlsmakeup for the makeup & Rach @rachcreates for the photo! Xx #emmyisgettingfit

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