Bridge to Brisbane

What an epic Sunday! Not only did I finish the @bridge2brisbane(running the entire way); I smashed it with a new PB!! ⁣

10km in 66mins 17 secs. 🤘🏻💪🏼

Honestly if you had told me I would be running 10km in 2019 I would never had believed you. Given last July I couldn’t even walk up my front stairs without stopping halfway to rest! Having kidney failure & starting dialysis last year has taught me so much about privilege, about gratitude & about strength. ⁣Moving my body is a privilege & something I am thankful for everyday. ⁣
I would say I’ve always been a “fighter” right from the moment I entered this world way back in 1985… But somewhere along the way I lost track of my inner warrior spirit & I sort of just floated through life. But I’m back! And I couldn’t be happier. ⁣

Set a goal today. Anything. Big. Small. But don’t wait for tomorrow to start it. Go for a walk. Run for one minute. It’s doesn’t matter what your goal is; just do it! ⁣

Special mention to my my amazing hubby for his constant support. And my two children; my inspiration for running today! And to my darling friend Nay Nay who ran the whole way with me just to show support. What a legend! ⁣

If I can run 10km with only 5% kidney function (whilst receiving dialysis treatments) imagine what you can do?

Completing the 10km run was incredibly symbolic for me. A reminder to myself that I am more than kidney failure, I am more than dialysis & I am more than a mum. I am strong. I am capable. It serves as a reminder of how far I’ve come, how strong I’ve gotten & how I can overcome challenging circumstances. ⁣

I’ve stopped “waiting” for life & I’ve stopped “waiting” for a kidney transplant. Each day is an opportunity to grow, show myself kindness & self love. Don’t forget to show yourself kindness. It’s such a game changer 🙏🏻 Emmy Xx ⁣

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