One Year

Officially one year as a dialysis patient. #ToughAF⁣⁣


I certainly didn’t look this glam in my hospital blues a year ago when I stepped off the machine after that very first session… But I also couldn’t walk up the front stairs without stopping halfway & nearly collapsing with exhaustion… So life is certainly on the improve! ⁣🙏🏻⁣


I’m so incredibly grateful for this past year & dialysis. Obviously I would prefer not to have to rely on a machine to keep my blood clean & toxin free; but it sure beats the alternative. I guess I’m grateful because being in kidney failure has taught me more about myself than I could have imagined. It has taught me that I am strong & determined & that I can achieve anything. ⁣⁣


Today to celebrate being a kick ass kidney failure warrior, I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone & did a photo shoot (as a model💁🏼‍♀️) for @zarc_clothing’s new active wear range. I even did a HANDSTAND!! I don’t think I’ve done one of those since 2007… But I believed I could do it & I did it. ⁣It was so incredible to be with so many empowering & inspiring creative women. ⁣⁣I’ve talked the talk of being brave & positive for the past year… And so today I walked the the walk. ⁣

I know in the scheme of things one year waiting for a kidney isn’t long; the reality is many people wait much longer but I am really ready now. Mentally, physically & emotionally. I’m ready!! And while I wait for that call; I’m going to enjoy not needing to take immunosuppressive drugs multiple times a day. I’m going to eat all the foods which I won’t be able to eat post transplant & I’m going to enjoy getting stronger & working out everyday! There is always a positive. Sometimes you just have to shift your perspective. I’m going to have a big glass of kombucha tonight to celebrate one year as a #dialysiswarrior. I’m ready to embrace everything, scars & all. ✨ Emmy

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