Coffee Shop Survival Guide For Mums

A lot of mums groan at the thought of taking their children to cafes. I mean the noise, the spillage, the mess and the chaos all in the public eye of EVERYONE! It can be a recipe for disaster.  But it is also an opportunity to get out of the house and caffeinate yourself. Some mamas might even go as far as saying coffee shop outings are a necessity. It certainly is a necessity for me…

Hello have we met?  I LOVE my coffee.

I don’t groan at the thought of going to a café with my children… Once the alarm goes off, I bounce out of bed, put my hair in a messy topknot and race out the door. Did I mention I LOVE my coffee?

Now I know not every mama drinks coffee (but hey there are enough of us sleep-deprived-ladies that do, so much so, we could probably form a mama-coffee-drinking-collective), but whether you’re into drinking coffee, tea, kombucha, fresh juice or just mingling in a café… these seven tips will make you feel like a coffee-shop-loving-pro.


Just do it

No really. You can thank me later when you buzzing off caffeine (or hot chocolate). Getting out of the house, as a mama I feel is crucial. It helps you stay connected to the outside world, makes you realise ‘we’re all in it together’ & gives you that oh-so-happy post caffeine glow. #amirightladies


Location, location, location… didn’t become a catch phrase and a famous show for no reason. Location is the key for coffee shops with children.  Busy cafes in the middle of the CBD where everyone is holding ‘out of office meetings’ might not be the best option to meet up with your local mother’s group. Ten massive prams in the middle of a tiny café sometimes can be a tad annoying.  But don’t worry; Brisbane has PLENTLY of child-friendly cafes.

Smile & Say Hello

This might seem basic, but these days everyone is sooooo busy with life it almost seems people forget to smile & say hello. Oh & also just asking your local barista ‘how are you?’; just basic human interaction & simple acts of kindness. These all go a long way. Trust me! No one likes a cranky mama bear that doesn’t look up from her phone, while her kids are running rouge in a coffee shop… Your Instagram feed can wait five minutes… which leads on to…

Building relationships

Build relationships with your local cafe. Believe it or not, most cafes love you bringing in your tribe along for the ride. After all our children are the next generation of double-shot-almond-mylk-latte-sipping-hipsters!


Be prepared

Having little bags, baskets, and boxes with café friendly toys, crayons, books & snacks is a must! Try & mix it up, so it stays interesting for your kiddies. Think a few cars & a mini puzzle one week, followed by colouring in or those cute lil magnet books the next.  Also try to avoid the noisy toys… I can say from experience ‘To infinity and beyond’ is only cute once… not repeatedly for thirty minutes. #mumstheword

Clean up

I don’t mean you need to go out the back at wash all the dishes or get start mopping the floor; but just use your common sense ladies. My rule is if I would clean it up at home, I clean it up in a café. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but picking up excess crumbs, wiping down a high chair, or cleaning up a spill are all little polite ways to show your local café that you appreciate them.

Give back

When you do find those lil gems of cafes; which serve perfect espresso, freshly baked goodies (nothing beats a warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven muffin) & are child friendly… shout out their name to the world. Share on social media & let them know just how truly amazing they are!! And if you’re an IG over sharer like me, take a quick snap and share the love so other mamas can enjoy a blissful coffee date with their littlies!


P.S. If all else fails bring out the emergency iphone; ABC kids usually works a treat for my two 😉

Got any other amazing coffee shop survival tips? Or perhaps your favourite local café? I would love to hear to from you.



This post was originally written for and published on Mums of Brisbane. 


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