Cuddles will always trump cleaning


If I am being honest I’ve never loved cleaning. Just ask my mother.  Or my husband. Growing up I had a book titled “how to clean your room”. The book’s main piece of advice was to make your bed and put everything that was out of place on the bed and then put it away from said bed. It’s kind of like the classic procrastination of writing a list before you do something. Making sure you put ‘write a list’ on the list so you can actually cross something off straight away. Am I right?

Anyway this method of cleaning is something I always do, though the bed is sometimes the kitchen bench, the dining room table, the outside table, the kids cots etc….but then I get distracted by Isla or Oliver and well the cleaning doesn’t happen. So there are just piles of things which are not put away on the kitchen bench, the dining room table, the outside table. You get the picture and it isn’t a pretty white light IG square making your feel like you’re looking at a real living photo shoot. It is never like that. Hence photos are of my babes. Not my home.

I do have two exceptions to my never finishing off cleaning. Bathroom/toilet and emptying the kitchen bin. Oh and this super lazy mama loves those cleaning wipes. Bad for the environment I know [hangs head in shame] but no germs on our high chairs or kitchen bench! Those wipes and bad as they are [head hanging even lower in shame] are my saving grace. And you know what they even have them for the floors now too! I wish to be able to use old bonds singlets and vinegar and bi-carb soda. Honestly I do. But I grow organic veggies, use vinegar to kill the weeds, tank water in the garden and I recycle. I try. I’m just not perfect.

So today Ollie is spending the day with his grandparents. So I can have a toddler break. It is the perfect opportunity to do the dishes, wash the sheets, put away the clothes blah blah blah. But I’m spending the day with Isla watching the world go by, taking some photos + snuggling in bed.

Cuddles will always trump cleaning in my books.

I’ve never loved cleaning.  Sorry Mum.


PS Would you clean if you could cuddle + photograph this babe?

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