Today is my first time solo as a mama of two.

Just me and my babes.

This is what happened. First Hubby left for work. Then Oliver cracked it.

And I mean a full-blown, massive, wack me in the face meltdown. While I was trying to hold and calm him down, [not the easiest feat as my non-existence stomach muscles haven’t held anything over a few kilos since my c-sec] in the background I could hear Isla ‘ooh those lungs have developed in the past week’ give it her best crack too.

All I could do was dive in.

Well take a a few pictures first, I mean seriously how could I not? Look at those eyes.

Anyway I felt like a superhero [maybe the double shot flat white had something to do with this]. Settling my babes off to sleep [well Oliver is still playing in his cot] but calming them both down was a great achievement.

Motherhood has some seriously challenging moments. There are times when I just want to shut the bedroom door, put on The Smiths, dance in my undies and block out the noise just get away from it all.

Today I decided to dive in. Stay calm. Take some photos and then blog about it all.


Aside: The Smiths may or may not have been playing while I wrote this post.

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