A little bun in the oven

Hubby and I were told in our antenatal class that most injuries to pregnant women happen towards the end of pregnancy because they (the mamas to be) do too much around the house. So during my final stages of pregnancy I tried to tone it down in the kitchen; except on those occasions when I perhaps over did it, home-made pasta, pesto, beetroot relish anyone?

I went into hospital five days after my last post…to get some serious bed rest and to keep our little bun in the oven for as long as possible. When I went into hospital I made the foolish mistake of saying ‘I love hospital food it is just a great as plane food!’ I would like to think that this slip of the tongue was due to baby brain and some bubbling pregnancy hormone imbalance. I can categorically say, after 10 nights in hospital I DO NOT love hospital food.  Three sleeps into my hospital stay and five and a bit weeks early, hubby and I became parents to a beautiful boy, Oliver.

We have been home from the hospital as a family for a month now and I have never experienced this much love, joy and happiness at the same time. It is incredible!

Our little bun is out of the oven,  my laptop is charged and instead of trying to cook complicated recipes over an entire day, I now have the exciting challenge of preparing simple meals while bub sleeps.

I can not wait to share my new food adventures; fast, wholesome recipes, which as always will be made with love. Lots of new mama love!


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