Healthy Mum + Healthy Baby

The last two weeks have gone surprisingly fast. Project Bed Rest ‘keep blood pressure low for the bebe’ has commenced and I have been trying to rest as much as possible. I say trying to rest, because although in busy times we often want times to rest, not being able to do very much is actually harder than it seems. I have found that I notice more things. I notice things that need to be done more because I am less busy. I have time to notice.

I have also had time to get a cold. The cold lasted a week. One week of chicken noodle soup,  hot ginger/garlic/lemon tea and fresh green juices. One week of complete sleeping and lots of tissues. I am very blessed because my beautiful Mama has been coming over once a week to clean the entire house and do all the washing. Mama is a very big part of why Project Bed Rest is working. If the house is clean there is actually nothing to do.  Though I did managed to fit it some time to colour co-ordinate my matenity wardrobe.  Blue. Black. Ivory. Luckily it is heading into winter.

This period of rest also have given me time to read. I have been reading e-book after e-book. Jumping between natural cooking books, parenting books vs natural parenting books. Pay pal has had a workout. I have found the amount of information out there in the world about raising a child very overwhelming. No one opinion is the same! Some of the reading is hard to digest. So much is about having natural births and how spiritual that experience is. That is hard knowing that I am unable to have a natural birth. However, what I loved reading in the ‘The Modern Day Mother’ by Andi Lew is that the most important part of a birth is healthy mum and health baby. It does not matter how the baby comes out.

Healthy mum and healthy baby.

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