it is kind of a pie

The question of what are we having dinner? A famous question in most households. A question which I actually rejoice in.

Tonight’s response, ‘it is kind of a pie, without the pastry, made with rice?’ This was definitely said as a question. I didn’t know! I only knew that I felt like making the delicious Spinach, Pumpkin and Ricotta Pie which had made the status of a family keeper when I made it all those moths ago. Unfortunately I didn’t have any spinach and I’m not eating soft cheese due to my growing bébé bump.

Inspired by the beautiful vegetables at my local fruit/vege shop, I decided that tonight I would re-create the spinach, pumpkin pie and ricotta pie. Pumpkin, onion, beetroot and mushroom were roasted and then mixed with fresh herbs, (from our edible garden of course) kale, egg, green peas and parmesan cheese. Sprinkled with activated pepitas, this delicious vegetable goodness topped the base made from brown rice, egg and real butter.

And so, here is my ‘it is kind of a pie.’


(a recipe inspired and adapted by Nat Kringoudis)


Base: 1 Cup Brown Rice, 30g Butter, 1 x Eggs

Filling: Kale, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Mushrooms, Onion, Fresh Herbs (Basil, Chives, Parsley), Peas, Milk, Cheese, Pepitas


Cook one cup of brown rice in 2 -3 cups of water until al dente.

While rice is cooking roast pumpkin, onion, beetroot and mushrooms in a hot oven.

Mix cooked rice with the butter and whole egg until butter is melted. Line the base of a a pie dish with the rice base mixture and cook in a moderate oven for 15 minutes until the base is crispy.

Combine kale, peas, fresh herbs, cheese together and add a dash of milk so it has a creamy texture, add the roast vegetables.

Cover the rice base with the vegetable mix and top with pepitas and roast for 20 minutes.

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