A story about a bump

Today marked the first day of my doctors bed rest orders to help our baby be healthy. Best rest is my medicine along with 750mg of aldomet a day. Aldomet doesn’t it just sound like the 80’s wonder drug? In fact one of my doctors said ‘aldomet it should be in the water.’ I’m not sure if it should be in the water, maybe society could just look at reducing heart disease and high blood pressure…but for those of us who are 27 with Chronic Kidney Disease and thus have hypertension in pregnancy Aldomet it certainly working wonders. Just to clarify, I do not work for a pharmaceutical company.

Anyway back to a story about a bump. It is only 4pm in the afternoon, on day one of official bed rest and I have already found myself somewhat bored at the prospect of doing absolutely nothing. Although I took some comfort in canceling my daily 6:30am alarm, I also sensed an uneasy ‘what am I going to do while I wait for this baby’ feeling. Worried that I might lack purpose in life and become permanently moulded into the furniture, I decided I would try and do some things interesting, (and still relaxing/resting) to keep my mind active.

Alors starts a story about a bump. Perhaps if this was another decade a simple Dear Diary scenario would have occurred. Being 2013 I felt the platform of a blog was most appropriate. My thinking was that if I documented my day if would help keep said mind active and serve as a reminder when I am running around as a busy mummy. A reminder of a time in my life when I had time to learn french, cook, do craft and write. So I have come a with a list of things I would like to do now, which cater to the needs to a women on bed rest whilst at the same time generate purpose.

Learn French – I’ve been thinking that I will pull out my french beginners conversation CD. If I couldn’t master French whilst being immersed in Parisian culture surely living in suburban Queensland would do wonders for my French accent; maybe the petit bebe will develop a love of languages? Bien sûr!

Cook – I know hubby will love having something gourmet or at least interesting or the very least home made every night. I can also write about those food adventures on my blog.

Exercise – Not being allowed to do very much, I have purchased a swiss ball to help with those pelvic floor exercises. Mums of the world well be shouting from the alps DO YOUR PELVIC FLOOR EVERY DAY!! Ok so I will do my pelvic floor!

Craft – Not a skill I have previously mastered. Perhaps now is the time I learn to knit, crochet and sew bunting and quilts for bumps room?

Mystery Tasks – I also received a message from my dearest friend today with a task for me to complete today. Task One: tedtalks by Benjamin Zander on the Transformative Power of Classical Music. I enjoyed this talk and not just because it was a tedtalk and tedtalks are supposed to transform, inspire and transcend the mundane. But because for some strange reason since I started growing my little bump, my music taste has changed, and I have switched the indi triple j for my local 4MBS classical music station. And so with my recent interest in classical music, I did in fact find this talk transformative, inspirational and it did indeed transcend. My eyes are shining.

Task one was successful. Anyway, now I am off to tenderize some beef, stuff it with butter, herbs and slowly roast with camarlised pumpkin, carrots and crispy green beans. On that note, little bump just gave a big kick, thinking he is a classic meat and three vege type of fellow; creating a true gentleman, must be that all that classical music I have been listening to.

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