Le petit poulet

Tonight future hubby came home to a house smelling of roast chicken deliciousness. Certainly it seems I have achieved perfection by a 1950’s housewife (future housewife) conventions. This week has indeed been a cooking success and my glorious kitchen has had a workout. No complaints from the fiance either who has enjoyed three nights of home cooking.

I have been craving chicken recently which is an unusual craving but a welcomed change.  Tuesday was an experiment poaching chicken with a vanilla bean. Not the usual spice to accompany this bird, but this shredded poached chook complimented the cous cous, avocado, coriander salsa. Oh and the hidden hint of vanilla was refreshing, delicate, fruity and spicy!

Wednesday was fish and chips! Cod en papillote, with lemons and capers, twice cooked potatoes, home made aioli and a salad. The fish was so fresh from the sea that inside the paper parcels a delicious, salty, ‘paper sauce’ was accidently and successfully created.

But back to tonight’s le petit poulet. Is there anything greater than a roast chicken? Honestly there are plenty things greater, however, I have only recently joined the ‘I can roast my own chicken club.’ This is the second attempt to roast a little hen and I do find it incredibly satisfying.  Our organic little hen, the perfect size for two, was stuffed with lemon, drizzled with a petit (ahem generous) amount of olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. The result was an incredibly moist, juicy and crispy skinned bird. Whilst this was not a Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal, it certainly was an achievement in my books to cook a roast mid week. I am also very please that I chose to get a self cleaning oven in the kitchen renovations.

Tonight our little chicken was served with a fresh salad and finished with a lemon infused gravy.

The joy of cooking is very much alive in this household!

As always, made with love 


Oh, I nearly forgot! I entered my first baking competition this week and whilst I didn’t come away with a 1st Prize, I was certainly VERY excited to be tied 3rd for my brownies. The shared $2 tuck shop voucher probably won’t go very far, however, I thought I should probably share my food first achievement.

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