Smoking Cod

Last week I tried to smoke cod for dinner. Had I been more organised with my time I could have purchased the appropriate equipment for smoking fish. However, I often find that my spontaneous kitchen adventures create memorable moments. In this case my smoked cod was delicious! I decided to do a stove top smoke method, which just involves lining a wok/saucepan with lid with aluminum foil. I then created a little tin foil bowl and placed some loose leaf french earl grey tea, raw sugar and onion skins. After a few minutes on the stove the smoke started to form under the lid, I then added the fish and after a few minutes a splash of verjuice. The fish took on a light yellow colour from the natural dye of the onion skins and had a slight taste of a sweet, smokey tea on the outside. The inside of the fish was juicy, white and packed with flavour and there was even a salty, smoky, sweet pan sauce to pour over the fish.

My smoked cod seems to be a successful cooking experiment it was tasty and there were no complaints from the future hubby. Oh and I managed not to set off any fire alarms!

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