My Ooh la la Cookies

Tonight I decided to bake my fiancé one of his favourite treats. Chocolate chip cookies.

These are not just any chocolate cookies but triple chocolate, made with a slab of real butter and a pinch of salt, cookies. I tend to find that when you are baking something as classic as a cookie it’s best not to skimp on the butter. Butter is a source of calcium right? Whilst this might not be great for the waist-line, it certainly does wonders for the made with love cookies.

My cookie only became a triple chocolate cookie by coincidence. Well, disaster actually, I had run out of chocolate. So I turned to my sercret chocolate stash and combined some Haigh’s Dark Chocolate Pastilles, Koko Black 64% & Lindt 50%! An ooh la la of a chocolate combination.

The only thing I can think that is better than the smell of delicious chocolate cookies baking in the oven is the very first bite of a crispy, warm, melted chocolate in the middle cookie!

So here’s my take on a chocolate chip cookie. Made with love, naturally. A generous serving of quality chocolate & a significant amount ‘straight to your hips’ but oh so tasty butter! Enjoy. Recipe to follow…

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