My Little Paris Kitchen

My time living in Paris seems like a distance souvenir. Living in suburban Brisbane is the polar opposite to the culinary oasis of Paris. However, tonight with the help of one beautiful bridesmaid and a stunning English cook Rachel Khoo I was able to remember why I feel so deeply in love with Paris.

Rachel Khoo’s cooking show The Little Paris Kitchen is a brilliant six episode tv series that aired on BBC in March this year. I have only watched the first two episodes but already I’m in love. This series is made for lovers of cooking, food and Paris. But it was even more superb for me because it takes me back to my very own little Paris kitchen.

When I moved into my 20 square meter apartment in Paris I was asked by the land lady if I wanted a washing machine or an oven? Silly question non? Oven, bien sur! I am certain that all the people who lived and visited Rue Cauchois were very grateful that I accepted that oven. Not only did the oven produce some stunning food memories, it also was an excellent heater in the winter months!  And it gave you a wee electric shock if you simultaneously touched the oven and the wet sink; just another quirky charm.

My Parisian oven was the start of my real cooking adventure and a true turning point to my love of all things food. So I thought I should give a little Merci Beaucoup shout out to Rachel Khoo for reminded me about my very own Little Paris Kitchen!

Also…a big bisous to all my glorious friends who believed and gobbled up my little kitchen dreams.

My Little Paris Kitchen

My local butcher

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